A little bit about me

I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama. I originally was not an education major but after some searching I found that this was my calling. I want to help students strive to reach their dreams. After graduating I would like to teach in a low income housing area, that is where I have wanted to teach since I became an education major.

The environment I plan to have in my classroom

For me I think a relaxed but not to relaxed environment in my classroom is best. I want the students to know that I expect the best out of them but also to want to come into my classroom. I do not want them to dread coming to school because they do not want to be in my class. I will hold high standards for my students and let them know upfront I expect their absolute best. Telling them I expect the best from them will let them know that I care and that I am willing to help them reach their highest potential. I am a very laid back type of person so I will not have a stressful classroom because I think a relaxed one with structure will reach my students best. I want them to feel like they can form a bond with me. I think forming a bond with all your students is the answer to helping them. Like I have stated before because if you cannot relate to your students then they will be less likely to reach out to you when they need help.

Tools I plan to use in the Classroom

After taking EDM 310 I have learned to use a lot of different tools like google earth, timetoast, google docs, ItunesU, and blogger. Google earth is great for helping students learn about different places around the earth and how technology has advanced so much. I will also let students use the tool so they could create a trip they might want to take in the future. Google docs is another good tool for students to use. They can create presentations of their life and then present them to class. This is a good way for students to get to know each other. There are other things to do on google docs that is just one way I could use it. Blogger is a way for students to post their work and let other students, teachers, and other people from different places comment on how good they are doing. It would be great way to boost their confidence in themselves. ItunesU can help me in learning new ways to do things and learn new information that will help me teach my students accurately.

I plan to bring out the best in my students

As a teacher it is our job to bring out the best in our students. We also play a big part in molding the minds of our students. I plan to bring out the best in my students by buidling them up and pulling out their strengths. If I notice that one of my students are struggling in a particular area I am going to try to figure out a way to help them learn in a way that they can. I plan to use the things I have learned in class to keep their interest and use to help them in areas they are as strong in. An good example is the timetoast we had to use to make an outline. I can use this for all of my students but also use it for a student who might be struggling with remembering dates or something else they have to learn. It is a way for them to have to do research which will help them remember it and then have to put the dates in order so this will be reiniforcement of what they have learned.

How I plan to keep my students involved

Keeping students interested in the classroom is a big problem with education today. The biggest issue in my opinion is the fact the students are not interested in school. So I have decided to incorporate other ways to keep their attention. Kids today are so interested in technology and using it in any way they can and also they are interested in learning about their culture and other cultures. So I hope that I can incorporate these two things in particular so help keep students interested in learning.

Reasons I want to become a Teacher

I was not orginally an education major, I was a psychology major and decided that something was missing. I went into education because I want to help kids as a whole reach their highest potential. I work at Strickland Youth Center and have for about three years now and that played a big part in me wanting to become a teacher. I watch kids come in and out that place with no direction in what they want to do or where they plan to be in three years better yet ten years. It really made me think hard and that was when I decided to change my major and become an education major. I am an elementary education major. I chose to teach elementary school because I think that is when kids decide whether or not they want to do something with their life. I also love to learn and I know that with teaching I will learn something new every day whether it be learning something new about my students or my students teaching me something.

My Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple and to the point. Since the state has such strict guidlines I will have to teach what is generally called "burp back education" but I plan to add my own spin on things. I want to add things that will enhance my students knowledge. Technology will be part of my curriculum in any way I can use it, whether is be as simple as creating a timetoast timeline on a particular subject we are covering or something as complex as using google earth to map out a trip they want to take in the future. I also plan to add a multicultural education into my curriculum.